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04 May 2016

Press Release: European e-patient Report 2015 - a new approach to understanding patients and their illness

People Who live with an illness – the leading digital platform for e-patients in the UK – publishes today the first results from the European e-patient Report 2015 following its previous announcement in April. The report analyses anonymous comments and interactions made by registered users from all over Europe, with a view to providing detailed information on the impact an illness has on an individual’s day-to-day activities and social life – information that often gets overlooked in the traditional clinical environment.


06 Apr 2016

Online conversations about diabetes: 34% are to discuss medication and diet while only 4.8% involve exercise

In order to show their support on World Health Day, People Who live with an illness ( – the leading digital platform for e-patients in Europe – will today publish results pertaining to diabetes from the first edition of the European E-patient Report 2015.


15 Feb 2016

Press Release: People Who launch platform for people living with atrial fibrillation

Atrial fibrillation is a common heart rhythm disorder which affects at least 1 million people in the UK, with many more thought to be living with the illness undiagnosed. And while many live with the illness without even realising it, it can lead to serious complications like stroke. But with the right treatment, it’s possible to live well with atrial fibrillation. Raising awareness of the illness is essential to ensure that patients get diagnosed as early as possible.


20 Oct 2015

Press Release: E-Patient Report 2015 Preview

On the 20th October, World Statistics Day, we share the preliminary findings of our first European E-Patient Report 2015, providing insight into the behaviour, needs and profiles of patients of chronic illnesses on the internet.